The PMO Conference 2022 is almost upon us

This year, we’ve not only got a new venue, but a new location too.

Join Your PMO Peers for the UK’s Largest PMO Conference, in London and/or Edinburgh!

If you haven’t already secured your ticket and you’re looking for an extra push on why to join us, we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should come to the PMO Conference 2022.

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Reason 1:

Get inspired with new ideas for you & your PMO. Lots of sessions to choose from one the day & lots to watch afterward!

Reason 2:

Step away from the day job for a day. Take time to reflect on you & your PMO.

Reason 3:

Find out how other PMO’s are tackling the same challenges as you. It’s not all about the sessions you watch. It’s also about the people you meet.

Reason 4:

Bring the team! Reward the team with an event that combines learning and a bit of fun. You’ll also be invited to the after party!

Reason 5:

Find out all the latest in the PMO marketplace. Talk to the experts behind the tools, training and services to support PMO’s.

Reason 6:

Do some informal benchmarking. Find out how other PMO’s provide value to their organisations and see how they compare in your approach.

Reason 7:

Join your PMO community! You can’t being in a room full of PMO people to come away feeling energised and inspired.

Reason 8:

Listen to the PMO experts. We bring together a programme full of people who really know their PMO stuff.

Reason 9:

Utilise some of your training budget. You can also take part in the largest classroom event PMO Learn!

Reason 10:

Commitment to your chosen profession. Attend the conference to continue your professional development- it’s a unique event dedicated to PMO.

Remember, these are just a few examples as to why you should come to the PMO Conference.

Come join us to see it all for yourself and discover more!

>> Tickets available