Last week, the House of PMO carried out a webinar session for APMG International – our examination and certification partner.

The session was aimed at those interested in the new level of qualifications for PMO practitioners – the Essentials for PMO Analysts being the second level launched this year.

In this on-demand recording, you will gain an understanding of what the PMO Analyst role is all about and what knowledge, skills and behaviours are needed in this role. The session also covers the development opportunities for the role – focusing on the Essentials for PMO Analysts qualification.

If you are interested in pursuing this course, created by the House of PMO and certified by APMG International, this session gives an overview of the syllabus.

For further information about APMG International and how to find the right training provider for this course, visit APMG International.

For more information about the qualifications from the House of PMO >> visit the qualifications areas of the website.