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PMO Conference 2018 \\ Will the PMO Survive and Thrive in an Agile World? – Henny Portman

As organisations consider introducing a more agile way of working in project delivery, what does that mean for the traditional PMO? In this session, Henny uncovers the transitional steps an organisation takes to agility and where the PMO fits into that. Starting with the traditional project setup using a permanent PMO (portfolio level) and a temporary PMO (project level) he explores the first steps with the introduction of agile teams and what that means for the project manager and PMO. With the introduction of different agile frameworks such as Nexus, SoS, SAFe, LeSS etc the PMO needs to understand and consider how to incorporate and coordinate between the agile teams and senior management. With new delivery roles emerging such as Integration Manager, Roadmap Manager /Release Train Engineer, Product Managers and Product Owner and the creation of an hybrid project organisation, the position and role of the permanent PMO in an agile world is also changing. With a focus on portfolio management and Centre of Excellence PMO models, a new function for a PMO in an agile world is the up/down scaling of agile teams as the strategy and portfolio changes. Henny covers this new function and provides other insights into how the PMO has to change if it wants to play a proactive part of making the transition towards a more agile organisation a success.


  • A clear overview and positioning of different agile frameworks.
  • The role of the permanent Portfolio Management Office in an agile world
  • Understand “Why do so many agile transitions fail?

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Will the PMO Survive and Thrive in an Agile World?

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