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PMO Conference 2018 \\ PMO Career Advice From a Natural Born Planner – Sunchana Johnston

Full of humour, honest advice and empathy, Sunchana describes her own journey from an unhappy employee to a successful freelance PMO Consultant. Based on first-hand experiences post voluntary redundancy, this is a story of transformation and discovery of what is important, of finding the real confidence, of winning the first contract, of inspiring others and of making contracting sustainable. Sunchana confidently gives practical advice interweaving her PMO skillsets into starting a business, exploring the potential benefits, the obstacles and the exciting possibilities of joining the wonderful world of freelancing, with the potential freedom, self-direction and flexibility that this offers.


  • Clear understanding of what it takes to win freelance contracts
  • Benefits of freelancing in PMO
  • Confidence to take the leap for yourself

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PMO Career Advice From a Natural Born Planner

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