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Agile PMO – Tooling

In this session, Matthew was joined by another lodger, Nicole Reilly. Together they talked about the different Agile related tools that are available and what the PMO needs to know.

There are literally hundreds of different tools out there that are used by Agile teams. There are also many different options to extract data which is then used by management teams to understand what progress is being made and what decisions and actions are needed to be taken.

This session is more conversational in style rather than a presentation of which tools are the best – there are no demos. We did focus on the most common ones in use – JIRA, Confluence, Azure Dev Ops and Trello and learn a few things along the way. The main take away is – there is no silver bullet when it comes to Agile tools and there certainly isn’t one tool that can support Agile and waterfall delivery together.

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