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PMO Conference 2016 \\ What Use is My PMO for Portfolio Management? – David Dunning

Many people believe that the way to make delivery better is focus on ‘doing things better’, but also on ‘doing better things’. If, as a PMO Manager, I’m on top of my game with delivery support, can I help the business ‘doing better things’?
As the ‘PMO Lead’ – my boss (the COO) and I might see me as an obvious starting point to introduce more systematic portfolio management, but perhaps the CFO thinks differently?
I am ambitious – and I know the theory – what might the pathway look like, and what key moments are there along the way?
In this session, David explores how PMO Managers can tackle portfolio management for the first time – exploring different plans and steps
Options for starting portfolio management in your PMO
Explore tried and tested approaches
Areas to focus on when implementing portfolio management
The Video

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