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What makes a PMO an Enabler of Change?

At this PMO Flashmob event we had a Learn and Live session – a PMO Cafe!
World Cafe’s are a way of getting a bunch of people to focus on a particular topic and to talk through what their views and opinions are. One of the menu items was, ‘What makes a PMO an Enabler of Change?’. This question stemmed from the PMO Manifesto which aims to show the PMO as a progressive, proactive function within project management within an organisation.
The PMO will uncover better ways of improving, governing, controlling, and assuring change within an organization, leading by example and helping others to accomplish it.
We wanted to explore the question and see what kind of ideas the group came up with. Incidentally, many of the people who come to the PMO Flashmob are from a wide variety of backgrounds which always makes for an interesting conversation.
What makes a PMO an Enabler of Change?

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