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What are the Three Sides of the PMO Maturity Triangle?

Back in March, after the Project Challenge show we had an evening we called the PMO Maturity Triangle.
The evening was all about maturity and why the triangle? It was about the three areas of maturity that affect you, that’s:
Organisational maturity – the organisation and it’s project management maturity.
PMO maturity – that’s the PMO’s own maturity in how it performs, what it offers etc.
Your maturity – that’s your own individual capability and how you perform your role.
It was a roundtable event with some presentation materials thrown in to generate the discussion around these three areas.
In terms of output – especially around the final one – your maturity – we’re in the process of setting up a working group to explore this further because we know just how many of you would like to see some kind of development in something like a competency framework for PMO people. We’ll let you know when we launch the first working group.
So in terms of the other two sides of the triangle, here’s an overview of what we looked into.

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