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Using a Coaching Model in the PMO

In January’s PMO Flashmob we had Susanne Madsen join us for the evening session on Coaching Project Managers. We wanted to explore the idea that the PMO coaches project managers, after all we see it on a number of job specifications as a task that PMO should carry out. We had about 30 PMO Flashmobbers so at the beginning of the evening we needed to find out what the objectives were of the people in attendance. What would they like to get out of the session, what kind of answers were they looking for. These are just a few of them (and believe me, there were loads more!):
What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?
What is the difference between informal vs formal coaching?
What is a coaching style – is there a method?
What kind of experience and training do you need?
What is the PMO suppose to be coaching the PMs on?
 What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

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