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Two By Two – The PMO Matrices

Last week’s PMO Flashmob was a diamond – a real old skool PMO Flashmob night where there was lots of chat, debate, a few laughs, some brilliant thinking and ideas literally zinging around the room.
We were back at Ticketmaster’s bar (if they ever stopped supporting us I think there will be a collective howl and sobs from the PMO Flashmobbers – thanks again TM-mob!) and this time we were experimenting with 2×2 matrices/matrix.
We see 2×2 matrices in lots of different places – a common one is the Stephen Covey time management one (to the right) that people in all walks of life have used (there’s a big explanation of it here). We also see them within different fields of management, including project management. The stakeholder management matrix of power vs interest has long been a popular one and can be seen below.
The aim of the evening was twofold.
The first, for people to share the 2x2s, they really like or just wanted to show others to get the conversation going.
The second part was all about creating new 2x2s specifically for the PMO world.
Now, I thought the second part might be quite difficult, but how wrong was I. Let’s share some of the ones from the evening and see what you think.

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