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The PMO is the Knowledge Broker?

At the last PMO Flashmob Online, we thought it would be good to try out a little experiment. We asked people to take a look at a piece of published PMO research and then join in the virtual PMO Flashmob where we could have a chat about that research.
The research we went for was ‘Project management office’ a knowledge broker in project-based organisations’ [you can download and have a read of that yourself here]
It’s a paper that was published in the International Journal of Project Management back in 2013 and touches on a few challenges that PMOs still face today – namely knowledge transfer – and yes it mentions lessons learned a few times too.
In this article, we decided to share the highlights of the research (because we know that reading research papers are not everyone’s cup of tea) Let’s get started and get a few definitions out on the table so we know what we’re dealing with.

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