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Soft Skills and the PMO Practitioner

In the last webinar we did, there was a question about soft skills and PMO practitioners today. You can see the webinar [here]

The session was abot maturity – getting better at what the PMO does as well as the need for the organisation to mature in the way it delivers its programmes and projects too.

An obvious part of that is how we, as PMO practitioners, also view maturity in the way we work – not just the ‘hard skills’ stuff but also how we behave and work with others – the soft skills stuff.

The four soft skills pulled out of the session – communication; storytelling; stakeholder management and leadership – were just the presenter’s view. I decided to share it in a post on Linkedin and see what others [came up with too]

We’ve also pulled together a few others from recent PMO Flashmob conversations too.

What do you reckon? What’s missing?

Why not add your comments below or join the conversation stream over on Linkedin.  

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