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#PMOwfh / Mental Health, Things Breaking and Tough PMO Areas

The monthly magazine for April took a different vibe to usual – we decided to take a look at how the PMO can provide support and guidance which is a little bit more personable than usual.
During the pandemic it became obvious that people were experiencing things differently from each other – some loving the whole experience of being at home whilst others were struggling, especially mental health wise.
We first did a session back in April 2020 which featured one PMO and their training to become Mental Health First Aiders. We were fascinated at what they were doing and how they were utilising their training. Now the pandemic is receding, we hope that the PMO can continue to provide support in this area and really cement their place in the delivery organisation as the place to offer support – whatever help is needed.
You’ll hear about Mental Health First Aiders in the 10-in-10 slot plus get an update from that original PMO and how they’ve been getting on.

Recorded Session



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Interested in Learning More?

We would love to do the training and become a Mental Health First Aider. Lots of larger organisations have already offered training to their PMOs and we thought if there are any practitioners who are interested and can’t access it through work why not join us?
We’re looking for up to 16 PMO practitioners to take the course with us – that means we’ll all be learning together, and using examples from our work lives that we all recognise.
> If you’re interested, get in touch and find out more.

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