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#PMOwfh / Checklists


In this month’s #PMOwfh we decided on a theme to take us through the session. It was all about checklists!
There has been a recently released book that many have read and really enjoyed, it’s called The Checklist Manifesto: How To Get Things Right [link]

It got us thinking. Checklists used to be really popular in the PMO but over the years checklists started to have negative connotations – using checklists was seen as the clipboard wielding PMO acting like the ‘PMO Police’, a bureaucratic form of control which did us no favours with our project managers and various stakeholders.
The book reminded us that there are a number of different reasons for having checklists. The PMO can use them to help delivery and we can also use them to help us develop our PMO and the people working within it.

We asked the question during the session about what PMOs are currently doing:
How many checklists has your organization created to help project managers deliver?

  • None – but after today’s session I think I may create some
  • Some: eg stage gate checklists
  • Many: Project stages & other scenarios where accuracy is important

Some was the most popular. And the checklists in use were the obvious – like the stage gate reviews, quality assurance, audit and year end activities.

I definitely breakdown some of our key activities into checklists

In the session we looked at the different options for bringing back checklists and what kinds we could look at introducing.

Recorded Session



A checklist also good for ensuring business readiness for the delivery of the Project / Release

The Slidedeck

Download the Deck


Isn’t the plan or backlog the ultimate checklist!

The Books Mentioned

We mentioned a few books throughout the session, you can take a closer look at those here:

The 59 Checklists for Project and Programme Managers was the one to avoid!


We are looking at building a pre-project checklist in the coming month

Examples to Check Out

We shared a couple of screenshots during the session, you can access those examples here (sourced from the web):


The best one I had was a sponsors checklist. Which was more like questions that sponsors should ask, with ‘good’ and ‘bad’ answers, and then suggested actions based on what the answers were


What areas do you see the PMO specific checklists cover?

We asked the attendees what checklists they would like to see that could help the PMO. Ideas included:

  • PMO Startup (different types of PMOs)
  • PMO Closedown (temporary PMO)
  • Any of the PMO service offerings
  • Annual finance audit
  • Business case
  • Choosing which delivery method

Do you have any checklists that help you manage your PMO? Why nor let us know in the comments below – your input could certainly help others think about their PMO.

As we add scale and complexity to our change frameworks, checklists help different groups identify how they need to engage in the framework to commence, deliver, assure, report, etc.

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