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PMO Mini-Masterclass: Facilitating Learning Not Lessons

The PMO Mini-Masterclass on Facilitating Learning Not Lessons was all about the role the PMO can play in facilitating the lessons learnt process and also how we can get better at helping organisations actually learn from past projects.
The aim of the session was:
We focused on the role of the PMO in collecting lessons learnt – facilitation – and the role the PMO should play in taking action to ensure lessons really are learnt.
This session went beyond the mere act of collecting lessons and sticking them in a database – this was about the proactive role that the PMO can take in ensuring learning takes place in the project organisation. We often talk about the PMO ‘adding value’ to the organisation – providing a great service here will do just that.
The evening session included:
Understanding what lessons learnt are and why they are important
Interactive sessions on facilitating and collection skills
Understanding why we don’t learn from lessons
Interactive session on what PMO can do with lessons recorded to turn them into lessons learnt
Further practical advice on what the PMO can do within the lessons learnt service area.
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