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PMO Interviews / Career Hour

We kick off with a poll where we asked what the most annoying thing was when it came to interviews:     The interesting thing about the results here is that these are the same annoying things for people working in PMO twenty years ago – there still seems to be a lot of interviewers out there – which in turn must mean a lot of organisations – that just don’t understand enough about PMO to ask the right kind of questions and get the most out of the interviewees. During this career hour session, we looked at a number of different areas of PMO interviews. You can watch a shortened version of the session plus get the deck we used.

Video Session

Session Deck

>> Download the deck (PDF)

PMO Interviews  

We share a few of the things we covered here, download the deck and see the session for everything we covered.

Things Out of Our Control

We have to remember that sometimes things are out of our control when it comes to interviews. This list came from a recent PMO Manager who posted on Linkedin and the insights are worth sharing more widely:

There is that confusion element again – an organisation not really knowing what they want in terms of the PMO and therefore in the interviewee.

One of the main problems with PMO interviews is getting to a mutual understanding quickly in terms of what does PMO mean to each party and what context of the PMO is each talking about. That means any questions and answers are likely to be understood and the interviewer and interviewee are not talking at crossed purposes. So at some point near the beginning of the interview, if it’s not already been talked about, ask about the context of the PMO in their organisation, where is it and what was it set up to do?

PMO Interview Questions

Preparing for an interview could include practice questions, and over at Arras People there are a number of question sets for PMO people:

PMO Interview Questions

Interviewers really seem to like competency-based interviewing – mainly because it allows them to ask the same questions to each job candidate – but it’s most likely that you will have a mixture of different types because many interviewers do want to delve into your past experiences too.

For competency-based interviewing – make sure you’re familiar with the STAR technique – this will help you prepare beforehand.

Knowing How Much You’re Worth

It’s a popular question – how do I know how much I am worth and how to make sure I get what I’m worth.

There is a really great TED talk on this subject and the questions posed should give you some real food for thought:

Know Your Worth

With each interview question, we should always be thinking along the lines of how I perform this part of the role to solve a particular problem or challenge. Within that answer is there an opportunity to talk about what you might do that is unique – that no-one else interviewing for that position would or could do. We talk a lot about the PMO adding value, in this situation we should be thinking about how do I – personally – add value when I perform my role?

>> Download the rest of the deck for further insights here.

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