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PMO Conference 2019 \\ What Value is a PMO if There Are No Experts in Techniques and Tools? – Sabita Saleem

Unique insights from 2 years of research

Every trade and profession uses Techniques and Tools (T&Ts). Masters of a trade know which tool and technique to use and when and when not to use them individually or in combination.

The world of PMOs, projects, programmes, and portfolios (PPP) are no exception. Like trades, they need to have experts in the understanding and application of T&Ts. Research has shown when T&Ts are used in the wrong phase or when the right technique or tool is not used then it increases the chances of project failure. Did you know that on average, project managers only know 10 out of over 200 techniques and tools?

Also, did you know that only 5 project success factors are directly linked to 29 T&Ts? By the way, there are over 70 project success factors (based on academic research) that show there’s a major shortfall in knowledge and an issue (not even a risk) on the likelihood of project success. There has never has been a clear understanding of what is a technique and a tool? These terms are used interchangeably that people do not even question what constitutes a technique or a tool.

Gain unique insights from 2 man-years of research that explain how little value a PMO is if it is not a master of techniques and tools. It’s now time to address the competency deficit and increase the value of PMO to the organisation.


  • Understand the link between techniques & tools, project failure and success factors
  • Get clarity by understanding the difference between a technique and a tool, and the importance of new categorisation of techniques
  • Understand why it’s needed to address the shortfall in mastering techniques & tools across portfolios, programmes, projects and PMOs

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What Value is a PMO if There Are No Experts In Techniques and Tools?

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