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PMO Conference 2019 \\ Opening Keynote – Pushing the Limits – Dr Robert Joslin

Every organisation needs to differentiate itself in some way to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. This requires its people to push and continue to push limits in terms of thinking, idea development and realisation.

The top organisations are continually encouraging their teams to push limits in their thinking in order to achieve breakthroughs. Is pushing the limits only reserved for research and development teams, organisational design teams and consultants or can this philosophy be applied to the community of PMOs? Can pushing the limits of your understanding of PMOs double the impact they are currently having in your organisation? What does it mean in terms of working outside your typical comfort zone and what are the implications for you and your PMO teams?

Find out more about how to build an environment that encourages pushing the limits and the implications on learning and discovery?


  • Understanding the difference of being inside and outside one’s comfort zones and its relationship to impact
  • Determining how to create an increasing impact that requires being continually outside of one’s comfort zone
  • Examples of PMO experts working outside of their comfort zones to impact the PMO community.

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Pushing the Limits – Being Outside of Your Comfort Zone

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