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PMO Conference 2019 \\ Supporting and Facilitating the Highest Ever P3M3 Assessment – PMO 4.4 – Wajjahat Khan

How mature is your organisation’s approach to portfolio, programme and project management?

In this session, Wajjahat can tell you exactly how mature the Signalling side of Network Rail is, 4.4. That’s the highest score ever achieved in a P3M3 assessment and today we learn how they did just that. Wajjahat shares his key insights and learnings from the journey which saw him not only oversee the assessment within the business but also contribute to the improvements made.

In his role in the Central Programme Management Office he also shares some of the key initiatives from the PMO that contributed to upshift in assessment ranking and handed the Signalling team at Network Rail the role as the global benchmark for P3M3.


  • Insights and practical tips for the PMO in facilitating a P3M3 assessment within the organisation.
  • Gain the inside track in what it’s really like to undergo the assessment and what lessons you can expect to learn along the way.
  • Learn about the types of initiatives and projects the PMO gets involved in to contribute to P3M3 success.

Presentation Slides

Supporting and Facilitating the Highest Ever P3M3 Assessment – PMO 4.4

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