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PMO Conference 2018 \\ Keynote Speaker – Next-Generation PMO: The Future of the PMO in a DANCE World – Jack S. Duggal

Is your PMO ready to DANCE? Are you geared to deal with the reality of today’s DANCE [Dynamic | Ambiguous | Nonlinear | Complex | Emergent] business and project environment? Is your PMO stuck in 19th & 20th Century mindset? Is it perceived as the blocker, or enabler of agility and innovation? Find out how to remain relevant in the midst of turbulence and disruption. Learn to provide value and impact, and create viral customers and happy stakeholders. This engaging keynote will shift your perspective and provide new insights to take your PMO to the next level.


  • How to recognise the DANCE and how it impacts PMOs in a turbulent world
  • Distinguish between traditional and next-generation PMO approaches
  • Five keys necessary for PMOs to thrive and succeed in today’s world

Presentation Slides

Next-Generation PMO: The Future of the PMO in a DANCE World

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