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PMO Career House | Framing Your Experience

In this PMO Career Hour we looked at “Framing Your Experience” which took us down a number of different paths.
For example, with the recruitment and interview process we are often asked to frame our experience against a particular job advertisement or role profile. When we talk about our experience in areas such as reporting we might choose to talk about project level reports – or at the other end of the scale, portfolio-level dashboards.
When it comes to framing our experience – our experiences are the content – the work tasks and activities we perform. And we carry out these activities in different contexts, that could be in a Project Management Office or a Programme Office or Portfolio Office. In this session we talked about these contexts as well as the emerging roles that are featuring in PMO (such as data analytics).
We also talked about the value of the PMO – how can we better frame what it is the PMO is doing – and how do we communicate it. Framing your experience is all about communication – its what we choose to talk about, how we choose to do that and what kind of impact are we trying to make.
The short recording brings the highlights:

Recorded Session

The Deck

>> Download the Deck

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  1. PhillipaMarques

    Hi Lindsay, thank you for this, for me the sound in the recorded session cut out at around 11 minutes 30, it was very interesting till then

    • Lindsay Scott

      We will get that sorted and reload it!

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