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PMO Career Chats

If someone said to you. Come and have a beer and have a chat about your career with me. Would you know where to start? Got any burning questions about it? Or are you perfectly happy with everything?
Sometimes it’s not about having something specific to say, it’s more about having the time to think about a certain question or listen to other people talking about their own career – which incidently is in the same line of work as yours.
This was August’s PMO Flashmob, on the River Thames on an evening when we were basking in the late evening sun (ahem!).
To get people in the mood – here were the questions to get people thinking and talking. If you couldn’t make it and you’re intrigued to hear how people were answering some of these, join us at the next PMO Flashmob. In the meantime, have a think, how would you answer some of these?
PMO Career Questions

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