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Five Cool Tools for PMO

Every so often there’s a time when I think, that’s a really useful cool tool. Then I talk to some of the people at PMO Flashmob – or online in social media groups and they also recommend their stuff too. So I thought, let’s share them on here – and hopefully you’ll add something that you use in the comments section below.
Here’s my recent finds:
Dropbox Paper
Thanks to Donnie M for this one – we’ve been working on a collaboration and needed to write a document together. He suggested Dropbox Paper – and it really is cool.
So you’re working on a document together – it’s web-based and you can do all the usual word processing stuff – adding links, formatting, just plain good old typing. So far so good.
The cool stuff happens when you can see each other writing at the same time – or just watching what the other person is putting on there.
It just works – there’s no chance of overwriting each others stuff and it’s just easy to get going and use it. Plus you can export whenever you’re ready.
Why I think it’s a good tool for PMO? It’s definitely something your project teams can use if you don’t already have any kind of collaboration software in place – in fact the whole team can use it at once.

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