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Enabling Change over Restraining Delivery

The PMO Manifesto includes the line –
Enabling Change over Restraining Delivery
At the PMO Flashmob back in June, the World Cafe event gave us the opportunity to understand more about what this actually means. The idea behind this part of the manifesto is as a PMO function we prefer to be seen as an entity that enables our project organisations to run better and more successful projects without being seen as a hindrance or ‘project police’. It is about being able to find the balance between  ‘control’ (the restraining part) and the ‘free rein’ (the enabling part) first and then thinking about a future state where ‘restraint’ becomes a word of the past.
In this article there are no conclusions, just thoughts and opinions conveyed by those who attended. I hope the overview is useful. Here’s how the conversation unfolded:

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