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PMO Conference 2016 \\ Delivering Successful PMOs: A Greenfield PMO – Ray Mead

How to do the right things, in the right way, in the right order, with the right team.
Delivering Successful PMOs: A Greenfield PMO will reveal how a clear framework to conceive, design, build, prove and embody an enterprise PMO inside an organisation, dealing with the strategic intentions, the politics, the people and the projects.
This is not just theory or perfect world modelling, this is proven practice from where the speaker, Ray Mead, has, through his P3M Consultancy, p3m global, built enterprise PMOs for major organisations from the ground up – Greenfield PMOs.
Practice tips and tools that can be applied to current and planned PMOs.
Exposure to a clear proven methodology for building and running a successful PMO.
An honest and pragmatic assessment of what does and doesn’t work in establishing PMO.
The Video

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