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Data Storytelling is Influencing

Last week’s PMO Flashmob was held at Channel 4 in London. We were lucky to have a great space and one which was already decked out in our favourite colour!
In this session, we were joined by Lori Silverman. Lori has become a great friend of PMO Flashmob after keynoting at the PMO Conference back in 2018.
That came on the back of a trip I made to New York to take part in Lori’s Data Storytelling based workshop. Lori is also the co-author of Business Storytelling for Dummies which also formed the basis for a workshop we did before the conference in 2018. If you’re looking for a book that gets into the detail of stories in a business context, it is packed with lots of practical learnings, tips, advice and so on. We couldn’t hope to get into this kind of detail at a PMO Flashmob.
So, back to our evening.
This PMO Flashmob was slightly different because we were in a cinema setting so decided to go for more of a ‘conversation with…’ which allowed us to get into a number of different areas.
Here’s what we covered:

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