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Beyond the Tricky Third Year – John McIntyre

We hear the statistic all the time in PMO, “50% of PMOs fail within the first three years”. But what if your PMO doesn’t fail? What if you’ve been doing a great job so far and now you’re looking beyond that third year? In this session, John McIntyre talks about the journey of the PMO at Ticketmaster UK. From the start up phrase; the development of robust methods, tools, processes; the adoption of supporting Agile projects; the recognition from PMI’s PMO of the Year to now – the Review period that will determine the future of the PMO.

In this session John will talk about where the PMO has been over the last three years; what the challenges were; how they managed the change in appetite from senior executives; how they managed with doing more with less and how deciding on what to carry on providing and what to drop.


  • How a PMO’s lifecycle or journey develops over three years and understanding what the future could look like and how to get there
  • Practical insights and solutions in challenge areas that all PMOs face at some point in their lifetime
  • A real example of a PMO maturity development or roadmap.


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