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Agile PMO Series – Planning and Estimating

In this fifth edition of the Agile PMO Super Series we focused on planning and estimating.
There are different types of planning in Agile led projects – just as there are in more traditional waterfall projects. For the PMO it’s about being able to understand what types of planning there is, who is responsible for it and knowing where the PMO can support.
In this session we had a mini-masterclass session about the different types of planning and kicked off with a quick poll and asked “What level are you currently planning at (agile approach)?”
The choices were at a project, programme, portfolio level or none at all. There was a mix, with at project level being slightly ahead. The experiences seem to be mostly sprint planning.
In this session you’ll see sprint planning covered plus the other types:

As part of the session we also took a look at planning poker. A popular way for teams to estimate their efforts. The one used in this session was PlanItPoker.
There was a good question in the chat:
Agile language is very much aligned with IT and product. I wonder if you remove the word ‘product’ and replace ‘release planning ‘ with something like ‘phase planning’ …and ‘iteration planning’ with ‘sprint planning’ would this model would work for all types of project, programmes and portfolios?
This led to a book recommendation that others might find useful. It’s called Agile Beyond IT: How to develop agility in project management in any sector
Finally a question was asked about what software was used to produce the roadmap picture (to the right). It’s called Roadmunk.

Recording Session


The Slidedeck


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