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Top Ten Trends in PMO for 2017

Another year rolls around and writing an article like this is a good time to reflect back from the previous year and think about what’s coming up as the new year stretches out in front of us. You can take a look at the trends in PMO for 2016 to see if your PMO picked any of them up.
Now let’s look to 2017, here is PMO Flashmob’s take on the top ten trends for PMO in the coming year:
A clearer distinction needed between the PMO Manager and PMO Lead roles.
Looking to other business frameworks, methods, processes and tools that can help the PMO solve problems.
Moving the Agile conversation on the “Agile PMO” into real, practical activity.
More focus on development and learning for PMO.
Unpicking the value debate – understanding what the real issues are.
Changing the PMO language.
Understanding strategy in your business – including formulation.
Change is our business so we need to understand the principles of change management.
Using the right people for the job.
Making small changes that have a real impact.

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