End-of-Year Reflections and a Look Ahead to 2023 for PMO

The annual reviews and “crystal ball” predictions are coming thick and fast from professional associations, project management educators and service providers.

These predictions are always worth a look – whether that’s to see if you’re ahead of the curve or still have a way to go.

Over at the Project Management Institute and released in conjunction with the Congress in Las Vegas in December – the Pulse of the Profession is going with power skills (soft/behavioural skills) and the difference they make in change delivery at all levels of the organisation

PM educators are highlighting the growing importance of PMOs, alongside remote-working, agile methods, and AI/automation[2] Blogger insights include the change needed in PMOs in supporting cross-functional teams; more customisation of tools being used and more tailoring of methodologies [3]

Over at the House of PMO, we’ve produced our ten predictions for 2023 with the most ambitious being “the PMO as a business function”. We have seen an increasing amount of PMOs moving into portfolio management level support and the introduction of enterprise-level PMOs (ePMO). The PMO as a business function, goes a step further and starts to bring in the role of the Chief Project Officer.


House of PMO Predictions for 2023

Project Data Analytics Update

At the last Project:Hack in London, where project professionals gathered alongside developers and data scientists, an overall winning team was announced.

The challenge they worked on was on behalf of HS2:

“Weather events have become more extreme and more detrimental over the last few years due to climate change. This carries a far greater risk to the safety of people on site as well as delays in the project plan and higher associated costs. In order to optimise how they deliver construction projects and how they manage assets, HS2 Ltd wants a tool that can provide real-time insight into weather events so they can effectively manage decisions to optimise productivity, costs and safety.​”

The winning team created a simple solution using API data from the Met Office; Python; Power Apps and PowerBi in just two days.  The short video gives an overview of how they achieved their solution and where this solution could go next with machine learning aspects brought in.




PMO Managers Discuss the PMO as a Business Function

The House of PMO hosted its annual PMO Managers Lunch in Soho, London – now in its seventh year – where PMO Managers are invited to contribute their insights and experiences around a particular PMO theme.

This year’s focus was “the PMO as a business function” and the lunch insights are used to form a report – Inside PMO – which becomes available in 2023.

Previous reports have focused on portfolio management; resource management; Agile PMO, metrics and measures, AI and PMO leadership. All are available to download and read: https://houseofpmo.com/members/inside-pmo-reports/


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