The House of PMO is pleased to announce that the third qualification in the Essentials series is launched today – Wednesday 4th May.

The Essentials for PMO Managers Training and Certification launched today.  Developed in conjunction with APMG International, this three-day course was designed especially for those in a PMO Manager role. Unlike other courses in the market, which focus on how to set up PMOs, this course aims to help individuals succeed in their day-to-day job. The new qualification is also ideal for those looking to step into a PMO Manager level role or have aspirations to do so. Lindsay Scott, co-founder of House of PMO said,

“As a professional body for those working in PMOs, we want to develop the profession and support individuals in their development. This has led us to launch a suite of qualifications to support PMO practitioners throughout their careers. This practical course, Essentials for PMO Managers, which launched today is key to supporting PMO professionals in setting up and running PMOs within organisations.”

This course is part of a suite of certifications, that the House of PMO is developing in conjunction with APMG International.

These four training courses target the various stages in a PMO practitioner’s career and include: Essentials for PMO Administrators, Essentials for PMO Analysts, Essentials for PMO Managers, and Essentials for PMO Directors which is launching in June.

The full course details including syllabus and exam format will be available from the 10th May. You can view that session here.

The course will become available for training providers from the end of May 2022 so you can expect to see the first courses running from June 2022. Want to receive more news about this qualification and the House of PMO? Become a member today.

View the Launch

Learn more about the qualification in this preview launch event with House of PMO co-founders, Lindsay Scott and Eileen Roden