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PMO Conference 2022 \\ Taming the Untameable – How to Get Senior Execs on Board – Andrew Whyatt-Sames

One of the aims of a PMO is to supply decision support for managers and executives who are accountable for successful change in the organisation. One of the biggest challenges the PMO faces is building solid relationships with those managers and executives to deliver that decision support well.
It’s catch-22!
In this entertaining closing keynote, we get into the heads of senior executives and find out what’s actually going on and understand what they care about.
We explore the realms of psychology to find out how building a psychological contract with your senior executive can help you secure ‘permission-to challenge.’
On the practical side we’ll also look at how the PMO can be formulating and shaping its messages, devising an approach that give you the tools to help your senior stakeholders.

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Session Notes


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