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PMO Conference 2021 \\ Step up – Powering up the PMO Service by Overcoming Hierarchical Barriers

PMOs are often left in a value quandary.  Needed by senior management to help better decision making, but left just to provide no more than reports and data.  Needed by project managers for resource and support, but treated as just a lowly ‘extra pair of hands’.  As the PMO we are there to make a real difference, but how can we if our stakeholders don’t give us that opportunity?  And the big question for us to own… do we bring that upon ourselves by the way we behave? And do we collude with the hierarchical behaviour of our more senior stakeholders?

At this conference keynote, we will unpick this problem, looking at how different PMO conversations can build stronger engagement and more valued relationships.  Ultimately, to step up to the next level, we need the business to want our PMO services.

At this session, we won’t just talk about PMO relationships, you will watch them in action, in a scenario played out by professional actors, with audience interaction from where you sit.  There will be debate, laughter, and serious learning.  No one will be bored, we promise.

The original recording from the conference cannot be used due to performance rights, in this article, you’ll find a shortened version.

Session Recording


Handout – The SORE Framework

>> You can download the handout here

Session Notes

In this session, we are introduced to a framework that can help us have better conversations with our stakeholders. In the video is an example of a conversation between a PM and a project sponsor and how that conversation could be better using the SORE framework.

What’s interesting about this session is how much negotiation features in those conversations – if the PMO is going to step up, this is certainly one skill area we could look at improving on.

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