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PMO Conference 2021 \\ Improving Parliament’s PMO Capability – Carol Hindley, Catherine Hallett & Gavin Woods

Parliament UK is the centre of government and politics in the UK, and to manage democracy in the UK, they need PMOs to help them manage the portfolio of work. In this session, they share their insights into their experiences of adopting the House of PMO – PMO Competency Framework.

Imagine taking over a PMO where every member has a personal objective to get out of the PMO!  That was exactly the situation encountered in 2016.
Hear how the various PMOs in Parliament (they have several!) have shared the love for PMO; how they have built up happy, healthy, high performing teams and how they have rooted PMO as a fulfilling career at Parliament (and further afield).

We hear from the PMO practitioners that lead the various PMOs within Parliament UK as they share their insights on the journey over the last five years. We’ll hear about the highs and lows, the things that made a difference to how their PMOs perform and ultimately how they support one of the most iconic institutes in the UK.

Session Recording

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Improving Parliament’s PMO Capability – Carol Hindley, Catherine Hallett & Gavin Woods

Session Notes

You can download the three-page session notes which will give you an overview of the session and the key themes explored >> download

Parliament PMOInsights We Liked

  1. They have something called a ‘guild’ – this is their community of practice where the PMO practitioners get together and share, learn and chat. I love the name guild – very apt for such an old institution like parliament.
  2. Having the PMO team train together has really helped them to gel as a team – plus it now means they’re all talking the same language and have the same understanding about what they do, and how they do it.
  3. Self-assessments take time – not just to complete them but to get people into the mindset of doing them. They need to know why they’re doing it and what the benefits are to them.
  4. Pulling together a service catalogue not only brings the team together, it’s also made it clearer for customers of the PMO about how they can help them.
  5. It makes a difference if the leader of the PMO is enthusiastic about PMO – it becomes infectious!
  6. It’s important to adopt a competency framework that is an industry recognised one rather than developing their own – they want their PMO practitioners to be able to develop in line with what’s happening in other industries outside of parliament.
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