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PMO Conference 2021 \\ A Perfect Pairing – PMO and Portfolio? – Zurich Insurance

Cheese and port, Batman and Robin, sweet and salty, gin and tonic. Is the combination of PMO and Portfolio in one function a perfect pairing?
An overview of the PMO journey at Zurich , starting a month before Covid hit with a new team combining PMO and Portfolio functions, with a brand new expanded remit.
This session will cover services, practice and people outlining the journey they took to discover the best way to bring these pairings together.
The session includes the redesign of the PMO services to cover a broader remit of change, the launch of a new assurance frame work and navigating building a team virtually in the middle of a pandemic and what has been learnt from that in the longer-term.

Session Recording

Presentation Deck

>> A Perfect Pairing – PMO and Portfolio? – Donna Wayman

Session Notes

If you’re looking for a session which is about combining PMOs and how to do that – or how to the reporting line of the PMO from IT so it effectively supports the whole business, this is the session for you.
The session doodles below give an overview of the whole session, with some highlights below:

Delivery Confidence

Shared in the session [time: 30:32] was something called delivery confidence. A different term for delivery assurance. I liked that their process or framework showed which areas were important for their business when it came to assurance – also the visibility of where the data will be drawn from.

One of the key things for the changes the PMO were making was making sure they did it with transparency and clear communications. I think the slide below makes it perfectly clear what is expected of each of the projects as they were reviewed.

Vision and Mission

PMO practitioners always like to see what other PMOs are doing – especially the different vision and mission they might have:


We have often said that we don’t see enough PMOs celebrating or sharing their successes. We would love to see more because not only does it make us smile, it also lets others see what good stuff you’re doing and how they could take some of your ideas, adapt them, and hopefully see similar success.

This slide is also a good example of being able to show what value the PMO is adding – with a clear line from the action the PMO has taken and the outcomes for the business. Could you do something similar with your PMO today?

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