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PMO Conference 2017 \\ The Top 10 Drivers for PMO Change – Dr Robert Joslin

Many PMOs are vulnerable to failing within the first three years of operation due to the changes that continually impact its very existence.

In this session, Robert Joslin explores the top ten key drivers of change that affect the PMO and gives insights into how practitioners can prepare for the PMO’s response to changes.

This session, based on evidence-based findings, introduces the seven core PMO principles, which form the basis of a new international PMO standard. Implementing these seven core PMO principles, within any type of PMO today, will not only underpin PMOs with a solid foundation for delivering high value services, they will also reduce the risk of adverse effects during these turbulent change periods.


  • The importance of seven core principles underpinning PMOs
  • The top 10 drivers changing the PMO today
  • Why and how PMO principles will increase the long-term value of PMOs within an organisation


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