March 14th 2024 – Virtual Conference

9.00am to 12.30pm via Teams

Join Your Peers Online for the UK’s Largest Higher Education PMO Event

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PMO:Higher Education 2024

PMO:HE Conference 2024

Building the PMO Community

Bringing Together HE PMO Practitioners

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Bringing together PMO professionals working in HE organisations to learn, share and network

About PMO:HE

PMO:Higher Education is a half-day PMO focused event for Higher Education organisations which features best practice presentations; case studies from other organisations; facilitated and interactive discussion

PMO:HE has been created in association with the University of Nottingham. The half-day conference takes place online at the House of PMO



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  • Learn from other PMO Professionals working in Higher Education today
  • Discover and learn about a whole host of new PMO ideas, approaches and techniques
  • Become part of a higher education PMO community that will continue to thrive after the event
  • Take time out to reflect and refocus on what you and your PMO can achieve for your institution

Bringing PMO Practitioners Together

PMO:HE aims to provide higher education PMO professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to establish and effectively manage a PMO that aligns with the strategic objectives of their organisation.

Join other PMO Directors, Heads of P3O, PMO Managers, PMO Analysts and PMO support practitioners all working in higher education.

The conference is open to anyone with an interest in Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices and those working in strategic planning, business planning, performance and strategic change within a higher education setting.

Higher Education PMO Community

The inaugural PMO:HE conference, in association with the University of Nottingham, is just the start. Together we are aiming to:

  • Build a community of practice / interest group – bringing together peers and building relationships
  • Provide guidance on establishing, running and working within PMOs in HE – best practice and practical real-life solutions
  • Focus on HE specific themes, challenges and opportunities  – current challenges and future trends

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the agenda for the conference?

You can find the full agenda here

Where will the event be held?

The event is a virtual conference which you can attend from anywhere. The conference will take place in MS Teams.

Are there any discounts available for individuals?

There are two ways for you to save. Take advantage of the Early Bird rate, this is the cheapest ticket available. If those tickets have been sold out, consider becoming a member of the House of PMO, you will receive a discount on your ticket.

I'm a corporate member, how do I get free tickets?

All you need to do is get in touch with the Housekeeper and let them know you would like your free tickets.

This offer is available for Higher Education based corporate members only.

The number of tickets available is based on your tier of membership. Free tickets are subject to availability so make sure you get your free tickets early!

Is the conference just open for those working in Universities and Higher Education institutions?

No, the conference is open to any PMO practitioners who thinks they will benefit from the sessions outlined on the agenda. The conference of course is heavily focused on higher education institutions but should benefit any organisation which is developing PMOs, specifically with a portfolio management focus.

I'd like my team to attend, are there discounts available?

If you are a corporate member of the House of PMO, there are free tickets available for you based on your tier of membership. Please contact the Housekeeper to request your free tickets.

As a corporate member you can purchase additional tickets (over your free ticket allocation) at a reduced rate too.

I will need to raise a purchase order, how do I purchase my ticket/s?

You can make a ticket booking with your purchase order number included.

Get in touch if you need details of the House of PMO to add to your procurement systems or you need a quotation in order to raise the purchase order.