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Project Excellence is Dead, Long Live the Tailor-Made PMO – Hans Arnbjerg

It has often been said that “One size does not fit all”. This is especially true in the case of developing PMOs. Companies are different product wise and cultural wise and industries require different approaches. However, at the same time, traditionally PMOs have been employed by experienced people from the project management discipline often with certificates and exams documenting their knowledge and skills with in the whole P3O area. If this knowledge is applied generically to any given company, it may be difficult for the business units, outside the project organisation, to understand and fully grasp the idea behind a certain PMO activity. At the same time, we want to build on best practice and experience done by others. How to tailor your PMO activities to fit your company and how do you find the balance between generic project management processes and the need to tailor your PMO activities, in order to facilitate the implementation and gaining the respect of your colleagues (outside the PMO). This session will explore this dilemma via case stories.


  • How have other PMOs dealt with this dilemma?
  • Clarifying your organisation’s need for tailoring the PMO activities
  • Which criteria can you use to define the need for tailoring
  • Specific examples of tailor-made PMO activities


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