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My First PMO Flashmob

As someone who has only been working on projects for a year, I’m full of questions, eager to make this my career, and am curious to meet other PMO professionals. Saying that, I almost didn’t go to my first PMO Flashmob event, which my calendar reminded me was happening later the same day. I was a little nervous, and imagined I’d be out of my depth. I was proved wrong though!
I arrived early and started speaking to another young professional, getting to know their background, and finding out how often they’d been coming to the Flashmob. Once the room started to fill out, Lindsay introduced us to the group activity – designed to develop perspectives, objectively look at our current roles, and to see if any patterns could be identified from them. This helped to move us around the room and gave us an easy opener to talk to new people.
Luckily for me one of the people that came along was working in the same sector as a job which I’ve recently been shortlisted for. This was an invaluable opportunity to better understand the culture of this particular environment, and to ask for an insider’s opinion and perspectives. After about 2 hours we had covered everything that I’d wanted to find out and had swapped contact details so that I could be sent more information.

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