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Learning Lessons the Hard Way

Back in September the PMO Mini-Masterclass started tackling the subject of lessons learnt. You’ve probably noticed from the image above that we wanted to make sure we focus on the role of the PMO in facilitating learning rather than merely collecting “lessons” and sticking them in a database.
We had Ken Burrell running the session (you’ve probably seen Ken’s previous post about the subject) and Eileen Roden running the facilitation side of the evening.
You can take a look at the whole evening plus access to the materials, video, handouts and outcomes via the PMO Mini-Masterclass page.
The evening focused on some background on lessons learnt and why the current way we approach it needs a shake up. We thought actually running short forms of lessons learnt workshops would be a good way to capture this learning so we introduced two ways of doing this – perhaps techniques that you’ve not used before?

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