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Community of Practice Templates

Here we are with our tenth (lords a-leaping) 12 Stand Up for PMO Days Before Christmas and some further insights from our first PMO Unconference.

In this post we share a couple of the templates we used during the Stand Up for PMO event, it’s the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire one and the Generation Game!

You could easily amend both of these templates and use them in your own PMO meetings (community of practice meetups etc) or training events – especially the millionaire one.

With this template, we used it to play a few rounds of a PMO quiz.

The template available here is blank and you can add your own question and four answers to it.

It’ll be a good one for when you and your PMO team get together for an away day – or perhaps use it in a training session.

On the day we used P3O exam questions – and asked the P3O author, Eileen Roden the answers. Luckily for her she got them right 🙂


With this template, we used it for the Open Awards. Open Awards are a great way to conclude an Unconference.

With an Open Award, any audience member can nominate any other person in the audience. It can be for a presentation they did; or an idea they added in the Break Out at the Bar sessions – or even just asking a great question.

Before the nominations, we showed the prizes via the Generation Game conveyor belt. Perhaps you could use it in the same way in your PMO community of practice meetup or away day?

Just click to download either of them. Open Awards

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