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Why Resource Management Continues to Be on the Too Hard Pile and How to Get it Off

Big title! This is the session we gave at Project Challenge the other week. Unless you've been on the moon, you can't have helped but notice we launched our latest Inside PMO Report at the show. It's Beyond Timesheets: The Challenges and Realities of Resource Management - we recommend you download it and either listen to the session before or after. We also covered some of the resource management challenges from the visitors to the show, that article went out last week. We mention in the video about wanting to take this report further so if you're interested in getting involved in some way, drop us a line through the form below. The session is 26 minutes long - enjoy :)
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Inside PMO \\ Resource Management

‘Beyond Timesheets: The Challenges and Realities of Resource Management' The PMO Manager’s Lunch was held to explore three distinct areas that currently present a challenge: 1.Capacity Planning – cross organisation and cross divisional/department in terms of ‘do we have enough people to do the work’ 2. Allocation – down to a project level where we start to have named resources and all the fun and games of potential timesheeting issues that we do or don’t have. 3. Skills and capabilities of the delivery teams and what the PMO can do in this area for example with competency models.
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