The need for project-based skills has never been greater, and project management will play a key role in helping businesses bounce back following the impact of the global pandemic.

Project professionals are at the forefront of delivering change. At a time when there is considerable focus on the need to turbo-charge the economy, particularly through infrastructure investment and strengthening regional economic activity, the importance of the project profession cannot be overstated.

The environment for delivery is becoming ever more complex, however. New challenges and pressures are emerging, and those tasked with delivering projects, programmes and portfolios will find it vital to have the right skills and knowledge in place to deliver projects – regardless of sector, size or budget.

Continuous professional development is becoming increasingly essential from a deliverability point of view. Enhanced knowledge and skills will be central to the ability to deliver projects better in a changing and challenging world.

There is also the career-enhancement factor to consider. There are several ways in which gaining a project management qualification can be beneficial, including:

  • Boosting marketability – Certification establishes commitment to skill development throughout someone’s career. This demonstrates determination to be recognised as a top project management professional to employers, managers and clients.
  • Gaining a common language – A project management certification provides recipients with tools to use throughout their career. As well as teaching essential techniques and best practices, certification provides a common language for working within and leading projects. This enables greater collaboration, eases integration into new settings and makes it easier to forge links with new contacts.
  • Enhancing earning potential – Adding an industry-recognised certification can enable people to command higher rates.

If you’re considering a qualification, give due consideration to how and where you intend to apply your new knowledge and skills. While there are understandable reasons for wanting to double down and focus on learning that’s applicable to a particular industry sector, there are also compelling reasons for choosing a qualification that’s transferable, flexible and relevant across sectors.

It’s also important to make sure that any qualification you choose is at the right level for you. In any profession, qualifications are available at different levels to reflect seniority, expertise and other variable factors. Ensure that any qualification you choose is suitable for your current career stage and look for offerings with a progressive approach that will enable you to return to take future steps on your career progression.

Association for Project Management offers a range of qualifications that are available online, with robust assessments set at appropriate levels to support people working on projects from the start of their careers all the way to Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) status, which recognises those with significant experience and knowledge.

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