Sign Off Contractor Timesheets


Service Description

Validate time on the contractor invoices matches the time approved within the time sheeting system

What the service provides for the customer

  • This ensures the correct costs for contractors is charged to the relevant projects, programmes, or portfolio

Why is this service being offered to the customer?

  • Resources may work across multiple projects and programmes and no individual project or programme manager has a consolidated view of overall usage within the organisation

How PMO will apply this service


Supplier Input Process Output Customer

Timesheeting System (PMO)

Contractors/ Agencies

Consolidation of Approved Time

Contractor/ Agency Invoice

Validate time on invoice matches approved time in the system

Approved Invoice

Project/ Programme/ Portfolio Manager

Contractor/ Agencies


How the PMO will measure the value of this service

  • Number of discrepancies between time booked to a project and costs allocated
  • Timely payment of contractors

Criteria when the PMO will use this service

  • When contractors work across multiple projects and programmes
  • Invoices are not sent directly to the project/ programme/ portfolio managers

Helpful hints for the PMO when delivering the service

  • Invoices may be grouped at Agency level covering several contractors
  • NB this is receipting of the invoice NOT approval of time booked in the time sheeting system which is the responsibility of the project or programme manager

PMO Capabilities to fulfil this service


Competencies Techniques and Generic Tools

Financial Management

P3M Administration

Resource Management

Finance system

Procurement system

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