Sign Off Contractor Timesheets


Service Description

Maintain the timesheeting system for use by the delivery teams.

What the service provides for the customer

  • The ability to analyse actual time booked against each project activity
  • The ability to compare actual time vs planned effort
  • Calculation of costs to be charged to the project or programme
  • Access to actual historical data for project planning and forecasting

Why is this service being offered to the customer?

  • To provide accurate project costing
  • To improve project estimating and forecasting

How PMO will apply this service


Supplier Input Process Output Customer


Project/ Programme/ Portfolio


Timesheeting System

Project Plans

People data

Add/ remove users

Add/ remove resources

Add/ remove projects

Apply updates

Updated Timesheeting tool

Project/ Programme/ Portfolio Managers and Teams




How the PMO will measure the value of this service

  • % of resources in the Timesheeting system
  • Time taken to set up users and projects
  • User complaints

Criteria when the PMO will use this service

  • When there isn’t a corporate time recording system that records time on specific activities (eg a flexi time recording system/ clocking in system)

Helpful hints for the PMO when delivering the service

  • Provide user instructions for the timesheeting system as part of induction
  • Where possible, set up automated reminders and notifications
  • Consider integration with HR and Finance systems and processes (remembering what the source and quality of the master data)
  • Remember to update individual data when moving team, promotion etc

PMO Capabilities to fulfil this service


Competencies Techniques and Generic Tools

Information Management

Resource Management

P3M Tools

Timesheeting System

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