Maintain Directory of Analysis Techniques


Service Description

Maintain a directory of analysis techniques along with instructions and hands on support.

What the service provides for the customer

  • A defined list of analysis techniques that can be used on their projects and programmes to provide additional insights to support decision making
  • Support and training on the techniques
  • Expertise in the interpretation and presentation of the results

Why is this service being offered to the customer?

  • The PMO provides expert advice and guidance on the when and how to use the techniques to best effect
  • The PMO provides hands on support in the application of the techniques along with interpretation and presenting the outputs
  • The PMO continues to expand the directory based on developing best practice in the industry

How PMO will apply this service


Supplier Input Process Output Customer

Industry/ profession

Project/ Programme Managers

Generic analysis tools

Project/ programme analysis requirement

Localisation of techniques


Directory of techniques

How to instructions

List of subject matter experts

Project/ Programme Manager

The PMO may identify techniques that may not seem immediately applicable to a project or programme context.  Localisation is not only for the organisation but also the P3M context.

How the PMO will measure the value of this service

  • Number of requests to use the techniques
  • Increased level of insight into the project data
  • Better project and programmes decision making and subsequent outcomes

Criteria when the PMO will use this service

  • In mature P3M organisations where the delivery framework is not fully prescriptive
  • Where time and focus is given to project and programme decision making

Helpful hints for the PMO when delivering the service

  • Make the application of the tool as simple as possible – use automation tools where possible
  • Focus on the output rather than the process

PMO Capabilities to fulfil this service


Competencies Techniques and Generic Tools

Information Management

Knowledge Management

Reporting, Insights and Analysis


Automation Tools

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