Define and Maintain Role Access Requirements


Service Description

Define and maintain tool access requirements for each role defined in the delivery framework.

What the service provides for the customer

  • Detailed list of P3M systems access requirements for each role, in line with corporate IT security policy

Why is this service being offered to the customer?

  • To maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in line with the corporate IT security policy
  • To provide project and programme managers with potential cost information for the Business Case
  • To provide an understanding of the lead time required for access from project start up
  • To allow IT to forecast systems usage

How PMO will apply this service


Supplier Input Process Output Customer


Tools and content

IT Security Policy

Role Profiles

Map role profile tools based on data requirements

Access requirements per role

Project, Programme and Portfolio Managers



How the PMO will measure the value of this service

  • Number of additional requests for tool access through the life of the project or programme
  • Usage (particularly non-usage)

Criteria when the PMO will use this service

  • Where there are multiple P3M tools that are used across multiple projects and programmes
  • Where there are licensing implications
  • Where confidentiality and data integrity are required  

Helpful hints for the PMO when delivering the service

  • Keep up to date as new P3M systems are introduced
  • Keep up to date as role definitions evolve in the delivery framework
  • Validate requirements against any tailoring of roles within a project or programme
  • Consider making some tools optional
  • Consider differentiating between employed and 3rd party access requirements
  • Explicitly highlight budgetary impacts of licences eg MSP, Visio, Power-BI etc

    PMO Capabilities to fulfil this service


    Competencies Techniques and Generic Tools

    Information Management

    P3M Tools

    P3M Delivery Framework



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