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Welcome to Blackfriars, London


Blackfriars is in the City of London and the name dates back to 1317, the name derived from the Black Freres, from the French ‘frère’ meaning ‘brother’ and comes from the black cappa worn by the Dominican Friars who moved their priory from Holborn to the area between the River Thames and Ludgate Hill in about 1276.

Like much of the City of London it is an historic area and features in the histories of King Henry VIII, “including meetings of Parliament and the Privy Council, state visits, such as of Emperor Charles V in 1522, as well as the location for a divorce hearing in 1529 of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII. The priory was eventually closed in 1538 during Henry’s dissolution of the monasteries. Katherine Parr, Henry VIII’s sixth and final wife, was born in the area.”


Join us at a great conference venue for PMO Conference 2021

BlackFriars Bridge

River Thames

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A Great Venue

We’ve chosen Mermaid Conference venue at Blackfriars to give us the space to socially distance

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