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Intelligent Portfolio Planning

Build credible, reliable, strategically aligned Portfolio plans that reduce waste and deliver your commitments to the business.

A Visionary Approach…

Disrupting the traditional bottom-up approach, Aangine allows you to model your resource capacity starting from the top.

As needed and always missing in other approaches to capacity planning, with Aangine you can accommodate your hiring plans, ramp-up time for new hires and expected seasonal decreases in effectiveness.

The level of details required for capacity plans is flexible – Aangine works great using just high-level data, but also benefits from having a very granular level of detail where available or needed for specific roles or individuals.

Capacity plans can be dynamically tailored during the planning sessions.

As you start changing your assumptions on the capacity of different resources, both in-house pools and outsourced, the capacity estimates recalculate automatically.

This is the unique flexibility given to the planning teams by Aangine.