Deliver Business Results Through your PMO

business-driven-pmo1 day PMO workshop on Friday 12th June in Central London
Following on from the PMO Conference we have a unique PMO workshop – The Business Driven PMO
Specifically designed to engage PMO managers and senior stakeholders who are ready to introduce or advance their company’s PMO to the next level of performance and value.
Whether you are a seasoned PMO executive or have been tapped to launch a PMO for for the first time, this workshop offers proven concepts, approaches and practices that go beyond traditional methods. The one-day agenda is delivered by internationally-recognised experts and consistently receives rave reviews by attendees. Participants leave excited and armed for immediate action.

Workshop Overview

Your workshop hosts are internationally recognised PMO experts Terry Doerscher and Andy Jordan. Their 1 day workshop has rave reviews from participants in both the US and Europe.
The Business Driven PMO workshop focuses on the reality of setting up and managing a PMO in business environments that demand real results that make a difference to an organisation’s bottom line.  Our workshop hosts take us on a practical PMO journey; bridging the gap between projects & programmes and the real business needs today that drive the success and continued evolution of the PMO.
First, Terry focuses on the primary objective of any PMO – facilitate effective collaboration across the many different project stakeholder groups involved in managing the lifecycle of change. To achieve this, a PMO needs to create alignment on multiple levels, from effectively conveying organisational objectives, to establishing consistent operations and fostering commitment to shared values. This workshop explores practical methods and tools that can help your PMO develop and maintain a higher degree of strategic, functional and cultural alignment to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.
Second, Andy works with participants to provide practical tools that will allow their PMO to drive organisational value through portfolio execution. Andy looks at the different elements of portfolio execution from idea generation to benefits realization and helps workshop participants identify:
• How to prioritize and focus efforts to generate the best return
• How to align project execution with strategy to create the concept of ‘sub-portfolio management’
• How to facilitate enterprise wide accountability for portfolio execution benefits
In addition, Andy looks at how an emerging trend – strategic resource management can help an organisation deliver integrated execution – portfolio, operations, and support. Andy provides practical guidance for PMOs to facilitate the successful implementation of strategic resource management to improve portfolio execution and increase alignment in all organisational areas.
The workshop is interactive in nature, encouraging participants to share their own unique scenarios and including practical exercises that apply the concepts covered into realistic scenarios.

It was refreshing to attend a workshop that was not focused on theory and activity that makes you sound smart but cannot be executed when you return to your company.  Great focus on business alignment.

Download the PMO Workshop overview

Workshop Booking

 Pay £450 + VAT

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“Terry…is well respected throughout the industry for his knowledge on Enterprise Portfolio Management and his ability to effectively educate on complex topics in an easily understandable and entertaining way. He is in high demand for his public speaking and has a strong following…”